Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lack of communication between people and goverment - expert

The live internet conference which had the Russian president answering live questions was classified as a PR stunt by the majority of the world press. Serious questions from the West contrasted sharply with the light-hearted ones coming from inside Russia.

The fact that no real questions were asked on the Russian site could be attributed to the Kremlin press service which controlled the incoming questions and selected those that it so fit. Avoided were the issues relating to Khodorkovsky (“due to a technical fault”, says Yandex), Chechnya and democracy, with only the situation around Georgia being present in the discussion. Instead questions about nothing (robots, kissing a kid on the stomach) demonstrated that not only the chat was orchestrated by the president himself but also that Russians have nothing to ask the most powerful man of the nation. According to an analyst, this could be due to the fact that people already know the answer that would have been given by the president and that it would not have changed a thing. This means that the price of Putin’s media responses about serious issues have dramatically depreciated during the seven years of his presidency. Only the naïve or desperate people would risk a serious analytical discussion about the state of the current affairs in Russia.


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